Monday, October 26, 2015

More busking, less texting, please!

Halloween approaches and the ghouls are emerging from the crevices of the wooden houses throughout Cambridge.

Elbows are getting sharp as city councillors crawl over each other and everyone else to find those last votes as Election Day approaches.

So, let's talk about something completely unrelated.

Let's hear it for the buskers, the street musicians who entertain us for a passing moment here and there throughout our city streets and under our feets.  

I heard one the other day in the Porter Square T station, so good that I had to ask him for his card. He didn't have any handy but groped through his pockets to find an old dog-eared one as the train approached.

Here's a photo of the improbably named Kesnel Personnel, "Guitarist, Relaxation and Christian Music".  

He was truly gifted, as good as you're likely ever to hear anywhere, though as you'll see from the very very poor video I'm including below, the train was coming, so I didn't have enough time hearing him play.  

But if you ever get the chance, you should take a listen. (As it turns out, he has some YouTube recordings, which I will include below.)

Busker extraordinaire: Kesnel Personnel, in the Porter Square T
Here's 0:13 seconds of him as the train approaches.

Meanwhile, here's a photo of another busker in Harvard Square, playing wonderful straightforward chords on his guitar one sunny day, making me think that we should all get off our cell phones and use our screens a little less, and start enjoying all the other things in life a little more.

More busking, less texting, please!

Here is a Kesnel Personnel recording from YouTube: