Friday, July 6, 2018

Friday Grab Bag: Three Brits and an automobile

It's Friday, so it's Grab Bag Day.

James Corden and Sir Paul McCartney sang some old Beatles songs together while rolling through the streets of Liverpool in a Range Rover. Penny Lane is in their ears and in their eyes. It's almost heartbreaking to watch.

As is Corden's tour with singer Adele, driving around London. Hers, what a beautiful voice, even in a car.

Finally, let's all take a moment for Scott Pruitt, one of our finest public servants ever. Ever. Who will write his requiem, that is what I want to know.

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Our Declaration of Independence

So simply put, so historically consequential. Thomas Jefferson births a new nation with a list of particulars against King George III ripped from today's headlines.

Thank you National Public Radio for reminding us what brought us here. Clearly your editors were surprised last year when listeners called up to complain about this broadcast. It was quickly apparent that the audience mistook our 18th century founding document for a modern-day NPR screed against our president. That fact alone pretty much says it all -- about our president and about the voters who put him there.

A reading of the Declaration of Independence

And by way of comparison to the cesspool Donald Trump has us all swimming in today, here's a reminder of what it sounds like to hear an honorable American speak about this country on our day of independence.