Monday, September 26, 2016

The Boston Cup 2016, quite a car show!

The Boston Cup, New England's premier car show, took over the Boston Common yesterday and that made it a great car day! I mean, when you've got a vintage Bugatti and a new Bugatti (Veyron) and a line-up of Ferraris to make you drool (F40, Enzo, LaFerrari - the first one I've ever seen in person) and so many the other classics, well, that's a crazy day!

I also had the chance to interview Ken Lemoine, one of the co-founders of The Boston Cup. Enjoy my chat with him here:

[and be sure to read my interview with the other co-founder, Rich Doucette, here.]

And while you're doing all of that, also enjoy some photos from yesterday's show.

The show starts before the sun comes up ...

And then vehicles start to arrive ...

Even bikes are part of the show, this one a 1945 Motobecane, a beauty

This is a Cord, an an eventual winner on the day

Ariel Atom

Bugatti, from 1938

When it comes to cars, trying to better the Italians, regardless of price or era, will not be easy ...

Ferrari: The Enzo is a beauty

Ferrari: LaFerrari, the first time I've seen one. I overheard this is chassis #1, first ever made

Yup, that's a Pagani and a LaFerrari

Not that there weren't other great cars too ...

The other Bugatti, a Veyron

Who remembers these?

Um, a 1965 Ford GT40, owned locally

A man and his Jaguar

Ferrari: Yes, an F40

Yes, that's an Aston Martin DB5 and yes, that's a cardboard cutout James Bond

A couple of Dodges from 1958

Who would have thought an Oldsmobile from 1988 would become a classic

And in closing, it's hard not to love the Alfas ...

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Port Pride Day 2016, Cambridge comes out to celebrate the Port!

Port Pride Day, an annual celebration and a coming together in the Port neighborhood in Cambridge, happened today.

My friends at the Margaret Fuller House were all there, so I asked executive director Christina Alexis for her thoughts on it all, "Margaret Fuller and the community of the Port are about love and the family." Board president Mo Gomez was flipping burgers at the grill, and he was thrilled by the turnout and the good weather, "It's been a great day and it's great to see everyone out and we're glad the Margaret Fuller House can be a part of it."

I took the opportunity snap some portraits of people in and around Clement Morgan Park. I share them with you here. Happy Port Pride Day! ...

Christina Alexis (r.) with Assistant City Managers Louie DePasquale and Ellen Semonoff

Margaret Fuller House board president Mo Gomez and colleague, getting those burgers out there

City councillor Jan Devereux
Cambridge Police on the scene!

Albert Pless, Cambridge Health Alliance with his daughter

Stephanie Morris

Ardeene Goodrich and her mom

Albert Pless with colleague

Men's Health!

Luis Edgardo Cotto and friend

Envision Cambridge!

Santos Carrasquillo

Megan does face painting

Sean Hope and Noah and Marian Darlington Hope

Renae Gray

An officer trying out horseback riding

Matt Nelson and an officer, CPD, helping out