Mazen...36 v. Toomey...2

Perhaps not a box score you'd want to see, but following an exchange over campaign finance filings between Tim Toomey and Nadeem Mazen at last night's A Better Cambridge candidates' forum, here's the record, courtesy of an attentive reader of the blog:

The OCPF reports for Nadeem Mazen and Tim Toomey, listing the number of times from January 2013 to September 2015 that each has been contacted by the state's Office of Campaign and Political Finance for reporting errors or irregularities.

For the record ...

Nadeem Mazen: 36 (Or should it be 44 ? - see NOTE immediately following)

[NOTE - An eagle-eye reader remarks that 36 is actually too low. The reader observes that 36 represents the number of separate entries on the OCPF sheet, but look more closely at the entries themselves and you find multiple reporting issues in some of them. That raises the count of campaign finance reporting errors/irregularities - you choose your word - to 44.]

Tim Toomey: 2


  1. There is a difference between quantity and substance. Mr. Mazen may have more correspondence on file with OCPF (and that's all it is: correspondence), but Mr. Toomey clearly has more dirty money in his pocket. Here's a summary of Mr. Toomey's career contributions from the real estate development industry, organized by donor category:

    Donor Category Career Donations
    Construction union PAC $29,231.00
    Lobbyists $21,799.00
    Developer (Forest City) $14,500.00
    Construction companies $11,050.00
    Developer (Alexandria) $9,700.00
    Real estate attorneys $8,450.00
    Developer (McKinnon & Co.) $8,050.00
    Developer (Trinity) $8,000.00
    Developer (Lyme Properties) $7,125.00
    Construction unions $6,825.00
    Construction union People's Committee $4,700.00
    Developer (Lincoln St Realty Trust) $4,400.00
    Architects $3,825.00
    Registered Lobbyist (2015) $3,275.00
    Developer (HYM) $3,200.00
    City contractor (Pat's Towing) $2,975.00
    Property manager (First Cambridge Realty) $2,850.00
    Property owner (CARU) $2,800.00
    Developer (Laverty Lohnes Properties) $2,750.00
    Developer (New St/Bay State Rd) $2,500.00
    General real estate $2,300.00
    Taxi union $2,300.00
    Real estate PAC $2,100.00
    Developer (JB Realty Trust) $2,050.00
    Property owner (Martignetti Companies) $1,750.00
    Spouse of developer (David Clem) $1,750.00
    Commercial realtor $1,550.00
    Property owner (Sheldon Cohen Associates) $1,475.00
    Property owner (Quadrangle) $1,450.00
    Developer (Rogers Properties) $1,375.00
    Developer (Longfellow Real Estate Partners) $1,250.00
    Spouse of construction company (Timothy Flynn, Winters Plumbing) $1,250.00
    Spouse of developer (Walter Sousa, Lincoln St Realty Trust) $1,050.00
    Spouse of developer (John Digiovanni, Trinity Property) $1,000.00
    Developer (RCG LLC) $1,000.00
    Developer (Chestnut Hill Realty) $850.00
    Developer (Related Beal) $850.00
    Real estate finance $775.00
    Developer (Fairlane Properties) $675.00
    Developer (Bulfinch) $600.00
    Spouse of developer (Patrick Barrett) $550.00
    Developer (3MJ) $500.00
    Spouse of CIC (Tim Rowe) $500.00
    Developer (Deborah Baskin) $500.00
    Spouse of real estate attorney (Jim Rafferty) $500.00
    Spouse of developer (Peter Calkins, Forest City) $500.00
    Partner of lobbyist (Paul Trane) $500.00
    Registered lobbyist on behalf of taxi industry $500.00
    Spouse of developer (David Roby, Lyme Properties) $500.00
    Spouse of developer (John Kiely Jr., Forest City) $500.00
    Spouse of lobbyist (John Harrington) $500.00
    Spouse of lobbyist (McFall Kerbey) $500.00
    Spouse of lobbyist (W. Scott Parr) $500.00
    Spouse of registered lobbyist (Gregg Nolan) $500.00
    Developer (Deborah Washken) $450.00
    Developer (Leggat McCall) $400.00
    Developer (Urban Spaces) $400.00
    Developer (Stone River Properties) $350.00
    Cambridge Redevelopment Authority $300.00
    Spouse of lobbyist (Dennis Murphy) $300.00
    Spouse of lobbyist (Robert White) $300.00
    Real estate attorney/developer (Port Landing) $250.00
    Architect (Mass & Main) $250.00
    Consultant to developers $250.00
    Developer (Boston Properties) $250.00
    Developer (Criterion Development Partners) $250.00
    Developer (Fifth Street Realty/David Tauro) $250.00
    Relative of lobbyist (David Holway) $250.00
    Spouse of developer (Tom Andrews, Alexandria) $250.00
    Spouse of property owner (Kenneth Barron) $250.00
    Registered lobbyist (2005-2015) $225.00
    Registered lobbyist (2010-2014) $200.00
    Registered lobbyist $200.00
    Developer (Corcoran Jennison) $200.00
    Spouse of construction company (James Erb) $200.00
    Spouse of lobbyist (John Brennan) $200.00
    Spouse of lobbyist (Roger Donoghue) $200.00
    Developer (CDC of Boston) $125.00
    Developer (Prospectus) $125.00
    Developer (CEA Group) $125.00
    Spouse of developer (Peter Poras) $125.00
    Developer (1010 Cambridge St Realty Trust) $125.00
    Spouse of lobbyist (Elaine O'Reilly) $100.00
    Property owner (Mass Ave Realty Trust) $100.00
    TOTALS $199,455.00

    Someone give that guy $545 quick so he can make it an even $200K!

    1. I'm just confused as to why, if Mr. Mazen talk about the need for sound "Project Management" and transparency/accountability on the City Council, he can't bring that to his own campaign?

  2. Note - none of the numbers from "Anonymous" (above) have been fact-checked by the blog.


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