Sunday, May 24, 2015

More cars: Spotted in Cambridge, and Concord, today

My ongoing obsession with cars goes on. Today I saw these two and each was distinct enough, and un-Cambridge enough, to make it to the blog. One I saw on the roads around Fresh Pond, the other in a Concord parking lot.

1.  Ferrari 348 Spider

With a production run from 1989 to 1995 of only 8,800 cars, this 3.4 liter Ferrari came in numerous versions including a GT and this one, a Spider. While driving around Fresh Pond near Route 2 this afternoon, I managed to snap this spectacularly out-of-focus photo ... when we were all completely stopped at a light.  I swear ... it was a 348.

Ferrari 348 Spider, from behind, and out of focus

2. Mercedes 280 SL hardtop

This Mercedes 280 SL was sitting in a parking lot in Concord, and its distinctive styling caught my eye. Uncannily, later in the day, I saw an identical model, same color and everything, being driven towards the Fresh Pond Mall in Cambridge, yet with one distinct difference -- it was a convertible. It had its top down and was occupied, it seemed, by a dad and his daughter. Perfect for a day like today! A quick shout out my window ascertained that the Fresh Pond Mercedes was vintage 1970, which leads me to believe that this photographed example is from that year too. 

Mercedes 280 SL, circa 1970