Friday, May 8, 2015

Friday Grab Bag: Tastykakes; Women in kitchens; Establishing enviro gas-guzzling cred

It's been a while since I've put up a Friday Grab Bag, but given the arrival of the warm weather, and in celebration of the flowering tree outside my living room window, here are some tidbits for you for the weekend:

  1. Overheard at the YMCA earlier this week: "Cream soda. Tastykakes. That city had its own special thing going on." The anonymous speaker never identified the city. Does anyone know where it might have been?
  2. Confessions of a recently divorced man ... There is no greater terror than inviting a woman over for a drink and watching in numbed silence as she in that particularly reflexive and unpremeditated female way plants herself firmly in front of the kitchen sink and starts washing dishes. My squeaky little interior voice is shouting "I didn't go through the last three years of my life so I could return to this", as if she were now violating my Holy of Holies. That's what bachelor life in middle age will do to a man. I can only think the animal part of her brain put her up to it. Or perhaps I'm describing the animal part of my brain.
  3. And on another note, just to prove I am an environmentalist ... I saw these terrible, awful, most egregious things around the neighborhood this week, and so fully offended by what I saw, so horribly shocked by what my eyes beheld, I stopped and took photos. Let's just say that this is my burden to bear.

BMW M3 that likes to drift around the Assembly Square parking lot

Porsche Carrera 4S on Prentiss Street

A great auto spotted in an unexpected location: A Lotus Elise in Cambridge, MA. Huh? I drove a similar car around the hills of Nurburg, Germany last fall

A beautiful, green Aston Martin Vantage under the Charles Hotel