Sunday, April 30, 2017

Gorka, right-wing extremist, to leave his White House post, reports say

CNN is reporting that Sebastian Gorka, Donald Trump's controversial national security deputy, will be leaving the White House soon, perhaps for a role in another federal agency. 

Known for his Islamophobia, Gorka won the disdain of national security experts for his extreme views and his lack of qualifications. Steven Walt, a professor of international affairs at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government told Business Insider, "He has never published any scholarship of significance and his views on Islam and US national security are extreme even by Washington standards. His only real 'qualification' was his prior association with Breitbart News, which would be a demerit in any other administration."

Gorka, who was born in Britain to Hungarian parents, became a U.S. citizen five years ago. He was outed earlier this year in an article in The Forward that tied him to the Hungarian far-right group Vitezi Rend, known for its Nazi affiliation during the Second World War. 

According to sources inside the White House, Gorka's presence generated too much controversy with few respecting his views.

Gorka is a reprehensible character and he will not be missed. His imminent departure is a positive step for the Trump administration and for the United States. He should not be relocated within the government. He should be expelled entirely.