Monday, April 10, 2017

Follow the money

For Republicans who swear by the market as the best measure of a free society, these must be strange times.

Earlier today, Tesla surpassed General Motors as America's most valuable auto manufacturer. Although Tesla has yet to turn a profit, investors are nevertheless drawn to the California electric car company because they see it as the bellwether of the 21st century automobile and perhaps more broadly of consumer-based power as a whole.

That is the market at work in 2017.

Here is Republican ideology at work in 2017 ...

Donald Trump ran and won on the pledge to bring back coal and it's attendant jobs. He pledged to reduce fuel-efficiency standards on Detroit's big automakers, and he has restarted a pipeline to deliver Canadian fuel into the U.S.

The market says Tesla. Donald Trump says coal.

On this one, who are you going to trust? The market or the man in the orange wig?