Friday, December 9, 2016

Video: My friend Quinton got a Chevy Volt

Last Saturday, my friend Quinton drove down to Quirk Chevrolet in Braintree to pick up his brand new Chevy Volt and he asked me along for the ride.

Saturday turned out to be a crazy day with a 10-alarm blaze ripping through eleven structures in Quinton's neighborhood in Cambridge (his house was unharmed) and separate from that, wall-to-wall traffic everywhere we turned.

Since we were already on the road when the fire started, we kept up to speed on its status via periodic updates from the home front.

To deal with the traffic, we ended up taking a very circuitous route out Storrow Drive to the Larz Anderson Bridge, and then headed back into Boston on the Mass Pike to start going south again on I-93.

Here is my video of the journey, which is really a travel video, not car review video, but it's fun nonetheless. We also talk about the Mass Energy Drive Green program which is a great way to get a green vehicle if you're in the market for one.  I hope to do a car review video with Quinton sometime soon.