Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The British are witty, exemplar automobilium ...

As we all know, a lot of humor resides in hitting the slightly off-key note. Wow, that sounded flat!

There’s a young guy in London named Sam. He’s got his own YouTube channel called Seen Through Glass where he indulges a car addiction.

There’s a (reputable) British car magazine named EVO that also posts car videos on YouTube. Every December, EVO does a year-end review of their favorites which they call EVO Car Of The Year, or ECOTY for short.

Here’s Sam’s recent video send up of EVO Car Of The Year ... 

Of course, the joke makes more sense if you've seen the ECOTY video, so I'll post it below. Because of the limitations of Blogger, I can only post one video at a time, so I'll post a text link instead, but it will get you there just the same.