Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Coming in 2016 ... Men in tuxedoes, Women in ballgowns ... but with a twist!

In 2016, we're reinventing the wheel.

Here's the idea ... it's a Brit period piece par excellence, worthy of Masterpiece Theater, as familiar to you as an old pair of shoes. But WITH A TWIST ...

It's going to be called ...


And it's going to have all the hard-core drama you've ever wanted, but with a grittier, more urban feel to it.

Tell us who you think should be starring in this blockbuster new series.

Who plays him ...?

Who plays them ...!?

Who plays them ...?

Who plays him ...?

You know the characters, you know the plot, now help us come up with the twist.  In DownTOWN ABBEY, this scene will look exactly the same, only different ...

Send your suggestions today!