Sunday, July 31, 2016

Sunday round-up: Clinton in Virginia; Felipe's in Harvard Square; Words, Windows, Souls

I realized the subtle genius of Hilary Clinton in picking senator Tim Kaine of Virginia as her running mate. First, he is a Southern Democrat and she’s already shown a penchant for them (cf. Bill). That speaks to good chemistry between the two, which will be important to winning the White House in November. Combine that with her existing strong ties to the political leadership of the Commonwealth - she’s already old pals with Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe who worked for the Clintons under Bill - and with Kaine on board, Virginia will vote Democratic in the 2016. Check that box. One more swing state in the bag. It made me think that this year will see a host of toss-ups vote with the Dems ...

  • New Jersey 
  • Pennsylvania 
  • Ohio
  • Michigan
  • Florida 
  • Colorado
  • New Hampshire

They will all vote Democratic in this election. But here’s the shocker ...

North Carolina is also going to go Democratic, and Texas will be in play, though ultimately will succumb to its red-leaning roots and stay GOP. Arizona will also stay GOP. 

Ok, you heard it here first folks. 


Felipe’s Taqueria

Sometimes pejoratively described as “Bro food”, Felipe’s Taqueria in Harvard Square is still damn good.

“Bro food” means, you know, a place where drunken college kids go to chow down after  too many beers, and the scene is exactly as described with an overabundance of 20-somethings but there's nothing wrong with that. Besides, the roof deck affords a view onto the Square worthy of the visit.

It's buzzing at Felipe's on a Friday in July
These are good days for dining out in Harvard Square. Felipe's, the Sinclair, the Beat Hotel, all of a sudden now there are some fun options to unwind on a Friday.

Oh, did I mention that my carnitas burrito was delicious? It was. The food at Felipe's is fresh and outstanding.

Fresh is good when talking about food

So, whether it’s the food or the people or the view, sit back, relax and have a nice time. 

Felipe's Taqueria
21 Brattle Street


Now for some words of wisdom from the Democratic Convention in Philadelphia: 

"Words are windows into peoples’ souls." - Gen. John Allen, USMC (ret.) in an interview with NPR on why he's supporting Hillary Clinton and horrified by Donald Trump. 

“Two things are absolutely necessary in any leader, or in anybody who aspires to be a leader, that is moral compass and second is, empathy.” - Khizr Khan, the father of the Muslim U.S. serviceman slain in Iraq in 2004, on CNN today. He went on to add, "This candidate [Donald Trump] is void of both traits that are necessary for the stewardship of this country."