Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The election is done. It's ok to start your life again.

The election is done, and that's a relief.

It's time to give the vitriol a pause, and get on with the business of living our lives. Also, it's important to allow this new Council time to find its feet and move forward on the issues in front of us all.

Congratulations to the newly elected councillors, but most of all to the newest, Jan Devereaux. I can say from experience that that experience, the experience of being elevated to the role of public official, is quite an experience. I wish her well in her first term.

The loss of Dennis Benzan is a real loss for the city. He spoke clearly for his constituency and worked hard on their behalf. He also was very clear about the need to tie the fortunes of Cambridge's most vulnerable to the fortunes of Cambridge's most fortunate. And it wasn't just rhetoric. He articulated a strategy that used development opportunities in Central Square to generate opportunities for the residents of The Port, both in jobs and in housing. The loss of this voice and the energy he put behind it will likely stalemate us on these discussions for a Council term if not longer. That means the parking lots of Central Square will remain, and all the social justice issues that we all claim to care about will get plenty of lip service, but not a lot of effective action.

Similarly, on the School Committee side, I congratulate the newest members, Emily Dexter and Manikka Bowman, and I share my condolences with Fran Cronin who lost her seat. With a new superintendent coming in, there will be a lot of work to do and the Committee will need to start on Day 1.

Now, it's time to get on with the rest of our lives.