Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Election Day in MA Today

Ah, the drum of politics bangs, and its pulsing beat thumps "Vote".

Today is an election day in Massachusetts, part of Super Tuesday, and it is the first step in the march to November 6th for the voting public of the Bay State.

Of course, at the national level, Obama's the favorite around here, in both senses -- he is the most liked locally, and he will win the Cambridge voting public handily and undoubtedly will take Massachusetts too.  That fact pushes voters' interest down ballot, to the local contests, including for a neighbor of mine, Brian Corr, who is running for State Committee.

And of course the main contest in the state is the battle between Republican U.S. senator Scott Brown and his Democratic challenger Elizabeth Warren.  Warren has a steep challenge to unseat Brown, who has proven again and again that he knows how to win in contests separated by small margins (just ask Angus McQuilken).