Thursday, March 22, 2012

Alice retires

Today's announcement by state representative Alice Wolf that she will retire at the end of this term on Beacon Hill takes from Cambridge one of the great political voices of the past 25 years.  Public life is demanding, no question, and she has represented a lot of causes and people over the years, and waged many a battle in that time.  Her departure, while not totally surprising, nonetheless prompts the pause that these announcements always do.  Time does pass.  With Alice's departure, and Bob Healy's declared retirement in 2013, and Margaret Drury's handing on the baton as the City Clerk, an era departs the field.

Earlier in the day, biking to a patient visit at Brigham and Women's hospital, I spotted yet more of the next era that is ushering its way undeniably in: new construction in Cambridge.  The building is 650 Main Street.

Photo taken from Portland Street