Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Mr. Trump has a way with words

While I admit that I took no offense when Donald Trump called Senator Ted Cruz "Lyin' Ted" during the debates or questioned whether he might actually be Canadian, I was slightly more offended when Mr. Trump recently referred to reporter Tony Llamas as "a sleaze" at a press conference about Trump's veterans donations. 

It seemed a bit much to me when Mr. Trump described the federal judge overseeing the fraud claims against Trump University, a Mr. Gonzalo Curiel, as someone "we believe Mexican," as if that had anything to do with anything. 

But Mr. Trump really has gone too far when he refers to my senator, Senator Elizabeth Warren, as "the Indian," or more recently as "Pocahontas." 

I mean, really. Whatever could be next?

Oh yes, when asked if this is the kind of language he will be using if he becomes president, Mr. Trump affirmed. "You think I'm going to change?" he said. "I'm not going to change."