Monday, June 6, 2016

I went down to New York this weekend

I went down to New York this weekend.

There are two things that always impress me about the city. One is the sheer urbanness of it, the crazy vibrancy and noise and the crush of people everywhere. The other is the art. So much art everywhere too. This of course includes the Met, MOMA, the Frick, the Guggenheim. But is also includes the galleries, Gagosian, PACE, and so many others.

So here are some photos of my time there, a random but not comprehensive assortment, with cars from the awesome Classic Car Club of Manhattan thrown in for good measure.


By way of raw urbanity, way west, near the opening of the Lincoln Tunnel, you see this ...

Odd little building, throwback to an earlier time

Infrastructure, baby!

Croatian Center, in the middle of nowhere, but that's about to change

Empire State, obligatory

A lovely building overlooking the river

Heading across the park, Central Park West ...

And here's some art from the Richard Serra show at the Gagosian, and other items from the Met ...


Serra, again

Serra, a third time

Just another Hellenistic rape scene, this time, a satyr and a hermaphrodite, at the Met

The always-youthful Caesar Augustus, at the Met

The Met imitating an Escher

Here are some great cars from the Classic Car Club of Manhattan, which sits out on the Hudson River in an old United States Lines shed at about 35th Street. A very magical location. I enjoyed meeting Zac Moseley too, who is one of the founders of the place ...

Ford GT (2005 version), AC Cobra, Audi Quattro (?)

The beautiful McLaren 570S

Old Porsche, more info, I don't have

Old Pontiac Firebird and new Corvette Z06

Porsche Cayman GT4 and new Mazda MX5

1966 Ford Mustang

I did my best to end this day in the manner of a good street photographer, by sitting on the top steps of the Met and snapping some photos of people as they walked by ...

And one final very New York one, for good measure ...

Read the T-shirt. 'Nuf said.