Monday, March 14, 2016

3.14 = Pi Day

Yes, March 14th is 3.14 or as it is known here in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Pi Day.

This means that Petsi Pies, my friendly local pie shop, has stocked up its inventory for the rush on the delicious round things, a rush which I gather is quite intense.

I believe that Petsi recognizes a correct recital of the first 10 digits of Pi with a slice of pie, whereas a correct recital of the first 100 digits of Pi gets you a whole pie. Of course, it takes a while to get through 100 digits of anything, so expect longer lines today.

I file this under, "Living in Cambridge", even though this particular Petsi Pies is just over the line in Somerville. Regardless, it's part of what makes this place wonderful.