Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The shape of things

A recent trip to Gotham City reminds me that full urbanity can be a fabulous experience, and few places do it better than New York.  In fact, that city does two things so well, two things that come so naturally. 
  • It embodies history through its buildings.
  • It never abandons its dramatic sense of the theater of place.  
These come together in many wonderful moments when New York is experienced as stage set.  While walking down one of its avenues, the thought can linger that this might be a movie.  It happens often.

Here are some of the sights that prompt:

What honeycomb looks like as a building

Right out of Hitchcock's Rear Window

Would The Thin Man dash down these stairs?

In a city of so much wealth, a couple of old Hondas now mark true distinction

It's not Oxford, it's Central Park West

Ducking the sunset

Brave New World