Friday, August 24, 2012

Timeline. Kendall Square (expanded)

Below you will find an expanded timeline.  I apologize for the size -- graphics issues are still being worked out.  You should open the image with a program (like Preview on a Mac) that allows you to zoom in to see the details.

I have continued to expand my timeline of events in Kendall Square, and with the aid of new timeline software, I am able to manage more data points with greater ease.

You will notice that I separate events by actors -- namely, who is the key protagonist of the action.  So far, I include:
  • Cambridge Redevelopment Authority (CRA)
  • The City of Cambridge
  • the [Cambridge] City Council
  • The Kendall Square Urban Renewal Plan (KSURP)
  • MIT 
  • Commercial  

Please feel free to share with me more data and/or further moments of historical importance, by posting below or contacting me by email.  This project with continue as more information becomes available to me.