Tuesday, June 19, 2012

And I thought this was car country!

Last night, while considering a trip to Dallas, Texas, I got on Google Maps to see the location of the Magnolia Hotel in downtown.

I began to notice the number of airports listed on the map and it seemed like quite a lot.  So this morning, I did a quick survey.

I count 22 separate airports within 40 miles (or so) of downtown Dallas.  Twenty-two, and I have no illusion that this is a complete list.

Who needs a car anymore, I ask you?

Dallas Executive Airport
Dallas Love Field Airport
Mesquite Metro
Grand Prairie Muni
Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport
Lakeview Airport
Airpark-Dallas Airport
Northwest Regional
Fort Worth Alliance Airport
Hicks Airfield
Kenneth Copeland Airport
Meacham International Airport
Sycamore Strip
Fort Worth Spinks Airport
Arlington Municipal Airport
Lancaster Airport
Ferris Red Oak Municipal Heliport
Terrell Municipal Airport
Airpark East
Rives Air Park
Rockwall Municipal Airport