Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Hezekiah Usher on the Common

On Monday, I received this email from a woman named Dawn regarding the above photo ...

I am a descendent of Robert Usher, Hezekiah’s brother.  I couldn’t tell why you had posted the image, so I thought I would just ping you and ask if you are a descendent and, if so, did you help with installing the plaque?

So I wrote her back ...

I am not related to the Ushers at all. I just thought it was such a Boston thing — among the many historic markers in this town, here was also the first publisher. And he is commemorated by a small plaque on the Boston Common. It was very touching memorial to person most of us have never heard of, who lived hundreds of years ago.
Also, the name Hezekiah Usher is pretty wonderful all on its own.
In addition, in this time of constant assault on freedom of the press, one of the most fundamental bedrocks of our liberty, it’s nice to remember a man who did so much to make sure that this country had a free press, by first making sure we had a printing press! Who knew that a little old printer could be so important?!!