Sunday, November 6, 2016

Concord Drives Electric

The Teslas lined up under the solar panels that provide shade and collect energy from the November sun. A few feet away is the new Thoreau Visitors Center.

On Saturday, "Concord Drives Electric" brought cars out to the Walden Pond parking lot to celebrate electric cars and the people who drive them. Mass Energy was there to tell people about their Drive Green program which offers very good deals on certain vehicles including the Ford Fusion Energi and the Chevy Volt. Speaking of the Volt, the sales team from Quirk Chevy was there to tell all about the new Volt, a car that gets up to 53 miles on pure electric and then supplements that with a gas-powered power plant.

As electrics show up on the road more and more, these get togethers happen more frequently. The goal is to allow owners to join together, but also to inform potential buyers of the qualities and capabilities of these new cars out on the road. Next week, this road show will return to Belmont where people will be able not only to view the cars, but also to test drive them as well.