Monday, September 21, 2015

A weekend of petrochemical bliss (with some electrons thrown in for good measure)

This weekend was the annual Boston Cup, a fabulous auto show on the Boston Common.  As well, it was culmination of National Drive Electric Week. It was, in other words, a celebration of four wheels -- the gas guzzling kind as well as the electron munching kind -- and featured cars ... all kinds of cars ...

There were short ones 

and fat ones 

and skinny ones 

and old ones 

and new ones.

There were orange ones 

and yellow ones 

and red ones 

and blue ones.

There were electric ones 

and mechanical ones

and expensive ones

and even more expensive ones.

There were some you’d park in a field to smoke some herb in

and some that go really fast

and others that go really slow.

There was one made by some MIT students

and one with two badges on its hood. It turns out this one belonged to rock and roller J. Geils.

There were even some two-wheeled ones.

For the petrol-head, and the electron-head, it was a weekend of paradisiacal bliss.