Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Best Cappuccino in Cambridge: dwelltime.

The title "The Best Cappuccino in Cambridge" belongs to ... dwelltime, the yardstick by which other cappuccinos in this town must be measured.

dwelltime, 364 Broadway in mid-Cambridge, has the best cappuccino in Cambridge

Always soft to the taste, perfectly foamed and never bitter, the dwelltime capp creates the pure pleasure of this warming caffeine drink every time.  Created by a staff who are knowledgeable, proficient and not ostentatious, each drink is an expression of quality and consistency. In a town with a lot of options for good coffee (1369 and Cafe Crema come to mind), dwelltime stands on top and never lets you down.

It must have something to do with the beans. Roasted by its sister outfit barismo in Arlington, the beans are delivered to this mid-Cambridge location near City Hall Annex by bicycle (no carbon footprint here). 

Founder and operator Jaime van Schyndel can be seen behind the counter most days, joined by his friendly and courteous staff. Started in 2012, this place is entering its fourth year of making a good cup of coffee, an enjoyment that is aided by its pleasant interior and tasteful decor. The copper-topped bar counter is a wonderful place to sit and spend a while. Add a home-baked croissant, et c'est magnifique.

Hayley, Jaime, Kelsey, Anna ... with a copper-topped counter and a cappuccino ... are all part of what make it great

To its credit, dwelltime also wins our hearts for another reason. It is doing its small part to reinvigorate the meaning of "let's grab a cup of coffee together" by taking up arms against the scourge of our age, Too Much Screen Time.  Started as "Analog Weekends," dwelltime has said that on Saturdays or Sundays, there will be no laptops. Being there is about enjoying the ambiance, the delectables and the company of other people. Everyone has to unplug.

A Sign of the Times!

They have added a policy that says: on weekdays laptops are only permissible at the bar. It's a small step in the right direction. Over this past decade, we have all become slaves to our machines. Good for dwelltime to do something about it.

So dwelltime is it: the best cappuccino, great decor and ambiance, wonderful staff and delicious croissants. And ... it's the place where 'chat room' isn't just a metaphor anymore. Make a visit to see for yourself.

364 Broadway in mid-Cambridge
Open 'til 6pm most evenings