Sunday, April 14, 2013

Innovation Districts: Fad or Future?

Are innovation districts a passing fad, or are here to stay?  This was the motivating question behind a panel discussion I moderated at Harvard's Graduate School of Design on April 3.

Watch the discussion here:

The event was organized by an ambitious group of planning students at the school, and in the course of preparing it, we covered many aspects of innovation districts and developed a series of important, interrelated questions about what they mean.  Here's how we phrased it:
Innovation Districts are all the rage, with cities around the world attempting to create them. What makes them work?  What are their local and regional implications?  Can they be planned, or must they occur organically?  Can they be replicated? These are just some of the questions to be discussed by a panel of experts on April 3 at Harvard's Graduate School of Design.

The distinguished panel consisted of:
  • Tim Rowe, founder, Cambridge Innovation Center
  • David Dixon, principal, Goody Clancy
  • Guillaume Pasquier, deputy director, Paris Saclay
  • Gavin Kleespies, executive director, Cambridge Historical Society
  • Marc Draisen, executive director, Metropolitan Area Planning Council
Click on the link above to watch the discussion.