Saturday, December 15, 2012

This tragedy, the horrific violence

Looking in the mirror is a humbling thing this eve.  All 46 years of breathing self look back at me.  In light of all the very small children killed in two Connecticut classrooms on Friday, this is hard.

These little lives were on the road to life. 

Of the many photographs of the horror, I gravitated toward this one -- the boy, hands half-covering his face with shock in his eyes, his older sister caring and comforting him with her arm around him while she herself looks intently at the ground.  This was every younger brother and older sister.   See it in them, courage, care, concern, fear and shock.  Not comprehending the incomprehensible is not a sin.  But a child would not know this.  Obama is right.  Our hearts are broken.

The political points are as obvious to me as they are maddening.  To those who say "Guns don't kill people, people kill people", the correct response is "People with guns kill people."  And they continue to.  Even children.  To this day.  Many children.