is here.

Today is the first day of my blog, named most courageously and enigmatically, and it finds me sitting in a small kitchen in the Belleville section of Paris.

As I age, I find technology expands at a rate proportionate to the speed with which it slips further and further into my rear-view mirror.  Not that a blog is new, by any means.  But still.

In an ancient city like this, that's not the worst feeling in the world, but it does remind me of being a teenager and watching my parents fumble around with the remote control. Except, of course, I'm no longer a teenager, if you get my meaning.  All of this is preamble to say ... Watch This Space!  Ca va changer!  I might even mention a word about Paris one of these days!


  1. Hi Sam, Good to see you are enjoying Paris. I trust you are not brooding in exile, over indulging on 'Freedom Fries'! As you know, France is dangerous territory and even fleeting knowledge of French potentially fatal for American political careers. I look forward to writings and maybe a coffee avec tu [?] in the near future.
    Pierre Martin


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